Make Up 101

First Step: Wash your face and moisturize

Washing your face is an important step.  Your make up will look better on a clean face.  As equally important you should moisturize your face.  Make sure that you moisturize 20 minutes before applying the rest of your make up or else your make up will seep into your skin with the moisturizer which could result in nasty breakouts.

  • Tip: If you apply shimering moisturizer your face will have a nice glow even after you have applied your make up.

Second Step: Apply Foundation/Concealer

Make sure your foundations matches your skin perfectly! If it doesn’t then it will make you look like you’re wearing a mask.  There are different kinds of foundations out there: powder, liquid creme etc.  It is best yo choose the one that is most comfortable to you.

  • Tip: If you tend to have dryer skin it would be best to use liquid foundation. Whereas, if you have oily skin it is best to use powder foundation.

Third Step: Blush

Again, make sure you find the right shade of pink to match your skin tone.  Blush also comes in liquids, powders and cremes.  To apply it,  smile and put onto you cheeck bones.

  • Tip: Finding the right shade of blush can be extremely hard.  Pinch your cheeckbones.  The pinky/red color that will show up onto your skin is the shade of blush that you should look for.

Fourth Step: Eye Make up

For a simple look, apply one neutral shade of eye shadow on to your eyelid.  Apply a highlighter (a lighter shade of eye shadow) just below your browbone.  Next, apply mascara. \

  • Tip: Hold a business card (or something similar) below your eyes while applying the eye make up so hat you do not smudge or glop up our other make up.  Hold it above your eyes while you apply mascara so you don’t mess up your eye shadow.

Fifth: Lip gloss or lip stick

Choose a shade that compliments your make up and skin tones. Apply to your lips.

  • Tip: Red lipstick make your teeth look whiter.  Experiment with lip colors that look best with your skin tones.

If you have trouble, try visiting a make up specialist that can help you.



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  1. This is a great post. You’ve kept it simple which I love. I hate reading pages and pages of beauty facts. I’m going to link this page on my blog if you don’t mind.

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