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Clean those eyebrows!

Summer approaches and your eyebrows is one thing you’ll want to highlight.  Going to a proffesional is highly recomended.  How do you know if they are good at their job?  If the specialist has nice eyebrows than she’ll probably be your best target.  

However, if you are gonna chance it and try to do your own you are going to want to follow these steps.

Video by Sephora

Mascara Guide

  1. Use a Lash Comb.  These are helpful gadgets. They separate lashes and remove extra unwanted globs of mascara.  How do you uses a Lash Comb? Take the brush and run it through your lashes before you apply mascara.  Then apply the mascara. Now, you want to take the comb and brush it through your lashes again.  This step defines lashes even more.  
  2. Sweep your eyelash comb through your lashes while they are still wet. If you want, you could save your mascara wands from previous mascara kits and clean them.  They work too. 
  3. Try Colored Mascara every once and a while.  Black mascara works for everyone, but it can appear harsh on blondes.  Blondes should use brown/black in the day and save jet black for fancy nights out. Blue mascara can make blue or grey eyes pop. Purple can make brown or grey eyes pop. Also, green mascara can make green and brown eyes pop.  Clear mascara gives a more natural look and can be worn with any eye color. 
  4. When Applying Mascara, put the wand near the base of the lashes and wiggle them.  After you do that, move the wand upwards.  Barely touch the tips of your lashes a couple of times giving the appearance of longer lashes. 
  5. Thin and Little Brushes tend to work best.  Thinner brushes allow you to get the lashes near the nose and on the other end easily. Little brushes overall are easier to control. 
  6. Blink onto your brush. Blinking onto your brush give your lashes a fabulous extra coat. 
  7. Curl Your Eyelashes. Curling your eyelashes makes your eyes appear brighter, bigger and more sparkly and your lashes longer. How do I curl my lashes?  Get an eyelash curler. Put it at the base of your lashes and squeeze for 10-20 seconds. Set it in the middle of lashes and squeeze for 10-20 seconds.  Place at the tips and do the same. How can i get the curls to stay? Take your blow dryer and blow hot air onto your curler for 5-10 seconds. Go through the same steps as before.  
  8. Apply Powder Below Your Eyes Before Putting On Mascara. The extra bits of the mascara will fall onto the powder.  Its easier to remove a tone of powder than a bit of mascara on oily things like foundation, consealer and blush.
  9. ZigZag The Mascara Applicator.  By doing this it sepparates lashes and you will have fewer clumps.
  10. Apply Mascara to both top and bottom sets of lashes.  This creates an allusion of bigger and wider eyes.  Only apply one coat to the bottom lashes.
  11. NEVER Pump the Mascara Tube. Puping the Mascara tube will dry out the mascara!  If you need more mascara on the wand twist instead of pumping.
  12. If You Apply A Second Coat Do It Before the First Coast dries.  If you apply mascara again after the first coat dries than they will get clumpy.
  13. A Smudge Proof Tip — Bend your brush at a Right Angle. This can work wonders if you’re good at apply mascara this way.  I am not good at applying mascara this way and it didn’t look so great.
  14. Use Mascara Primer.  Make up Artists often sware by this.  It works great but it also adds another step.
  15. After You Are Done With Applying Your Mascara Wait 5 Seconds Before Blinking.  Blinkig could smudge it!
  16. NEVER Apply Mascara Moving!  For instance, in a car, you could injure your eyes or mess up your make up
  17. NEVER Curl Eyelashes After Applying Mascara.  The curler could stick to your eyelashes and possibly rip them out.  Personally, I think it looks more natural if you curl them before applying mascara too.

Practice, Practice, Practice…